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Avalon Pontoons Boats

Select The Perfect Pontoon Boat

Please view our selection of 2016 Pontoon boat models listed below. When choosing the right pontoon boat, the main considerations to take into account should be how rough the water typically is where the boat will be used, how many people would you like to have on board at any one time, and what activities you are interested in. The smaller 14’ and 16’ models are ideal for calm water where the larger models remain comfortable in heavier waters with cross wakes. Please refer to each model’s specifications for the recommended maximum number of people and weight. Be sure to take the engine power into consideration if you intend to enjoy activities such as tubing and water skiing.

DECO Series - Premium

The Deco series consists of our most luxurious pontoon boats. Each boat consists of stainless steel wall elements, stainless air vents, creative wall designs and a distinct Deco graphics package. All built on the industry's highest quality pontoon deck construction.

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C Series - Midrange

The C series models are more than you expected, and way more than you are used to. These Top end Avalon models provide styling, construction, features and value that are unmatched. Choose from a wide variety of models to suit your boating needs.

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A Series - Affordable

These ultra-affordable, meticulously crafted pontoons are the pinnacle of high quality boating with minimal investment. Built with the same quality and care that powers every high end Avalon model, the A series is a giant step above the economical offerings of other pontoon manufacturers and will provide you, your family and your friends years of joyous memories and maximum fun on the water.

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